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Important Dates

God Bless our Mothers

May is a very special month named in honour of Mary, mother of Jesus. So appropriately, we celebrate Mother’s Day this month. May is a time for us to recognize the gift of motherhood and the gift of life. There is no greater human love than the love of a mother. We give thanks for the special influence they have in our lives and the care, love, and patience they provide for us. The month of May is also traditionally the month when we honour Mary, the mother of God.

As the end of the school year approaches, students will be focused on preparing for year-end tests, perfor-mance tasks and various other assignments, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate all that they have learned during the school year. We also start to enjoy the warmth of the season and are already anticipating special classroom fieldtrips and much more. These are all signs of energy and new life. Please check your child’s agenda and backpack, as well as the school calendar for all of the upcoming events. 


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